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Episode 12
40:29 Mins
Published 07/10/2024

June 26, 2024

Orijin Unveils White Paper on the Imperative to Enhance GED Access for Incarcerated Individuals

June 17, 2024

Massachusetts Department of Correction Completes Implementation of Tablet Initiative to Enhance Educational Programming for Incarcerated Population

Episode 12
40:29 Mins

In a recent episode of Orijin’s Second Chance @Work podcast, Arti Finn, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Orijin, had an insightful conversation with Jason Spyres, CEO and Co-Founder of Training All People, Inc. (TAP3D). Spyres’ journey from incarceration to becoming a tech entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring, offering valuable lessons and hope for […]

Episode 11
26:43 Mins

As we continue to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, Isme Chavez’s story underscores the impact of mental health on personal growth for justice-impacted individuals. Chavez, 30, endured abuse and abandonment, leading her to run away, drop out of high school, and become a mother at 15. Incarcerated at 19, she began self-reflection and transformation during […]

Episode 10
34:18 Mins

Explore Larry Miller’s remarkable journey from the streets to the boardroom in our latest podcast. As Chairman of Nike’s Jordan Brand, Larry’s story of resilience and redemption sheds light on the transformative power of education, second chances, and breaking societal stigmas. From his involvement in gang life to his time behind bars, Larry’s determination to […]

Episode 9
39:15 Mins

Warren Allen’s story exemplifies the power of education and resilience. From navigating the challenges of incarceration to spearheading initiatives like The Truth Group, Warren’s dedication to learning transformed lives. The introduction of Orijin tablets not only enhanced access to education but also equipped individuals like Warren with vital tech skills. Now, as a Campaign Associate […]

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