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Orijin is the only company that will provide you the tools and data necessary to prepare justice-impacted individuals for successful reentry and sustainable employment.

Orijin’s Whole Learner FrameworkTM

Orijin’s Whole Learner FrameworkTM is a proprietary learner-centric model that is uniquely designed to motivate, engage, educate and equip each individual.

We help each learner see the future of who they can become, which may be very different from how they see themselves in their current circumstances.

After 10 years of research, design, and deployment of leading education technology, we understand the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the justice-impacted like no other provider.

Orijin’s Best-In-Class Team with Your Top-Notch Staff


Other companies may claim to offer “free” tablets and education, but they are hiding major costs:

Create Second Chances through Work
Releasing justice-impacted individuals back into society without adequate education and career preparation makes recidivism far more likely. To break the cycle of incarceration, Orijin provides justice-impacted learners with a solid education leading to sustainable employment.

Success Stories

Every Story is an Orijin Story

Orijin brought me hope during a dark time, and that stability was priceless!

Saulina Eady

Justice-Impacted Learner

I was given the life-changing opportunity to get an education and career training through the Orijin program. Orijin prepared me to face reentry with courage.

Rodney Brown

Justice-Impacted Learner

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We partner with facilities and the workforce to empower justice-impacted individuals with the educational tools they need to rewrite their life stories. Reach out to learn more.

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