Orijin's Solution™

Secure tablet computers connected to our robust cloud-based learning and communications platform to solve some of the most consequential challenges correctional facilities face across the U.S.

Individualized Content

Customized Learner Content, Tailored for Facilities


Individualized Learner Tracking and Transcripts

Multifaceted Delivery

Ability to access via Tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops, and PCs

Safe &

Orijin Safe TechTM 10″ screen fully locked down security; physically and digitally


Orijin's Hardware

Secure 10-Inch Tablets

Turn-key device with Orijin Safe Tech™ connected to our cloud-based learning platform:


Orijin's Software

Industry-Leading Managed Learning Platform

Cloud-based learning management system built to the highest industry standards uniquely adapted to work successfully in correctional facilities:

Facility Admin

Harness virtual (video) classrooms to provide synchronous and asynchronous instruction to learners throughout a facility and across facilities.
Incorporate third-party, jurisdiction-created, and community-based content into the platform for widespread distribution and usage.
Utilize an array of communication tools to streamline facility operations and save staff time.
Securely accessed on Orijin Tablets as well as facility Chromebooks and PCs.

Corrections-Approved Content

Approved by the Pew Clearinghouse as evidenced-based programming aligned to proven-standards for learning:

Learner Portal


Robust, Actionable Data

Provides individualized tracking and reporting to facilities to maximize learner success:

Success Stories

Every Story is an Orijin Story

Orijin brought me hope during a dark time, and that stability was priceless!

Saulina Eady

Justice-Impacted Learner

I was given the life-changing opportunity to get an education and career training through the Orijin program. Orijin prepared me to face reentry with courage.

Rodney Brown

Justice-Impacted Learner

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We partner with facilities and the workforce to empower justice-impacted individuals with the educational tools they need to rewrite their life stories. Reach out to learn more.

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