Why Facilities
Turn to Orijin

Orijin works with departments of corrections, parole and probation, labor, and education to provide comprehensive education solutions for facilities and individualized pathways for learners that are effective, secure and customizable.

Hundreds of correctional facilities have safely and securely deployed Orijin because they realized that the status quo with their existing technology and tablet providers was inadequate for addressing their strategic programmatic and educational needs.


Why Facilities
Turn to Orijin

With Orijin, Facilities Have:

Using Orijin, learners are up to 43% less likely to recidivate than their peers who do not have access to programming.

Orijin is free to learners and 6 times less expensive than the fees charged on other tablets.

Orijin increases access to high-demand educational and vocational programming.

Our solutions reach all learners regardless of placement in facilities, including administrative segregation, recreational areas, classrooms, and individual housing units.

Orijin devices amplify in-person instruction, so your team can deliver better results and connect with more learners without additional overhead.​

Our standards-aligned education prepares individuals for sustainable employment post-release.​

Orijin provides access to everyone in-custody, including those with special needs and ADA requirements.​

Orijin increases self-worth and purpose; reduces depression, grievances and violence; and improves communication among staff and justice-impacted learners.​

Orijin Works in Any Context

Orijin can replace your existing tablet provider OR work alongside them in your facility. Unlike transactional tablets designed to maximize user fees, Orijin offers a cost-effective option specifically designed and built to deliver a highly effective education.

The Original Education Technology Company in Corrections

When a jurisdiction is serious about reducing recidivism in their state, and they need innovative and research-proven ways to do so, they turn to Orijin.

Success Stories

Every Story is an Orijin Story

Orijin brought me hope during a dark time, and that stability was priceless!

Saulina Eady

Justice-Impacted Learner

I was given the life-changing opportunity to get an education and career training through the Orijin program. Orijin prepared me to face reentry with courage.

Rodney Brown

Justice-Impacted Learner

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