Special Q&A Interview with Harris Ferrell, CEO, Orijin

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According to the Prison Policy Initiative, formerly incarcerated people are nearly 5 times more likely to be unemployed, and those who do find jobs, earn only about half of what the average worker earns. We had the opportunity to meet with Harris Ferrell, who joined Orijin as its CEO in 2018, to learn about his […]

Education, Innovation and 2nd Chances with ETS

At ETS Strategic Capital, we seek innovative ideas and technologies of strategic value in six key areas: higher-ed, K-12, workforce corporate learning and assessment, innovative technologies for education, and white space. Now, as the Managing Director and CIO of ETS Strategic Capital and a board member of APDS, I have the privilege of bringing together […]

Education First!  The Transformative Key to Second Chance Success

“Embracing an “Education First” approach to incarceration empowers the Justice-Impacted to thrive in the workforce and contribute positively to society.Education gives the 600,000 people released from correctional facilities each year a second chance.”   In corrections reform, integrating education and workforce initiatives is pivotal to the successful reentry of previously incarcerated individuals, and it makes […]

Unlocking Potential: The Importance of Second Chance AND Fair Chance Hiring Practices

“Second Chance and Fair Chance hiring practices aren’t just about giving individuals a second shot at life; they’re about building stronger, more inclusive communities and fostering a fairer society.” In the quest for a just and inclusive society, Second Chance and Fair Chance hiring practices have emerged as powerful tools for change…change for justice impacted […]

Embracing Second Chances: The Transformative Intersection of Technology and Corrections Reform

In the rapidly evolving world of corrections reform, technology integration offers unprecedented opportunities to drive positive change. Traditional employment barriers faced by individuals with a criminal record can be dismantled through the power of technology. Online platforms and remote work opportunities have revolutionized how we connect and collaborate. By leveraging technology, we can provide access […]

Changing from Correctional Facilities to Educational Facilities

In the vast landscape of social reform, the power of education stands tall. As the co-founder of APDS and an ambassador for the 2nd Chances @ Work campaign, my mission is rooted in the belief that education, bolstered by career readiness, can unlock potential, transform trajectories, and rebuild lives for the estimated 1.77M individuals currently […]

Unseen Assets: The Untapped Talent of Justice-Impacted Individuals

  The dynamic labor market holds a vast, untapped resource in justice-impacted individuals. Despite facing societal barriers and stigmas, these folks have proven to be among the hardest workers and committed employees. In fact, 85% of human resources executives and 81% of business leaders report that justice-impacted individuals perform the same as, or better than, […]

Advocating for Equity and Inclusion in the Workforce

As a Human Resource professional, implementing the best practices in hiring and addressing the skills gap for fair chance employment is of paramount importance.  I believe fair chance employment provides opportunities for justice-impacted men and women with a criminal record, giving them a second chance to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.  I […]

Breaking Down Barriers Through Living-wage Employment

Article by APDS AmbassadorChris WilsonSerial Social Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Artist, Social Justice Advocate, Author Reintegrating into society after incarceration poses a formidable challenge for many individuals. Among the numerous obstacles they encounter, securing stable employment stands out as one of the most crucial, in an environment and around people that support healthy habits. It helps them […]

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