Isme’s Journey: From Incarceration to Inspiration

As we continue to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, Isme Chavez’s story of resilience and transformation highlights the profound impact of mental health on personal growth and change for justice-impacted individuals. Growing up, Chavez, 30, faced physical and emotional abuse, abandonment, and sexual abuse at a young age. Her turbulent childhood led her to run […]

Rodney Brown Writes a New Chapter in His Life Story with Orijin by His Side

Rodney Brown was 24 years into his 28-year sentence, when he was introduced to Orijin — an encounter which would serve as a pivotal moment in his life. Up until that point, he had never been exposed to any sort of educational programming or job training other than basic GED prep.  Like too many of […]

New partnership tools-up justice-impacted learners to prepare for trades careers upon reentry

A learner is immersed in Interplay Learning’s Electrical course, gaining essential skills in electrical theory, circuit design, testing, and safety. Soon, he will take HVAC and plumbing courses to boost his resume with additional trade skills to increase his prospects for sustainable employment upon reentry.  What makes this learner different from other students entering into […]

Larry Miller’s Remarkable Story of Resilience and Redemption

Larry Miller’s journey from the streets to the boardroom is one of resilience, redemption, and inspiration. As the Chairman of Nike’s Jordan Brand, and former team president of the Portland Trail Blazers, his story shines a light on the transformative power of education, second chances, and the importance of shattering stigmas associated with the justice-impacted. […]

Warren’s Journey from Orijin Learner to Justice-Impacted Leader

When Warren Allen was transferred to a juvenile detention center in Washington, D.C., as part of a resentencing agreement, he found the max block in disarray. In a block holding 160 young men, only two phones worked, and access to them was tightly controlled by competing factions. Just one TV worked, and the only ball […]

Orijin Empowers Justice-Impacted Woman on the Wheel of Life

It was the year 2020, as the country was in the throes of the pandemic, when Saulina Eady found herself alone in a Baltimore prison cell serving a four-year sentence. Being apart from her 4 children who were thousands of miles away in California, and not being exposed to enrichment, education, or people, triggered depression […]

Special Q&A Interview with Harris Ferrell, CEO, Orijin

Harris Ferrell Q&A interview banner.

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, formerly incarcerated people are nearly 5 times more likely to be unemployed, and those who do find jobs, earn only about half of what the average worker earns. We had the opportunity to meet with Harris Ferrell, who joined Orijin as its CEO in 2018, to learn about his […]

Education, Innovation and 2nd Chances with ETS

At ETS Strategic Capital, we seek innovative ideas and technologies of strategic value in six key areas: higher-ed, K-12, workforce corporate learning and assessment, innovative technologies for education, and white space. Now, as the Managing Director and CIO of ETS Strategic Capital and a board member of APDS, I have the privilege of bringing together […]

Education First!  The Transformative Key to Second Chance Success

“Embracing an “Education First” approach to incarceration empowers the Justice-Impacted to thrive in the workforce and contribute positively to society.Education gives the 600,000 people released from correctional facilities each year a second chance.”   In corrections reform, integrating education and workforce initiatives is pivotal to the successful reentry of previously incarcerated individuals, and it makes […]

Unlocking Potential: The Importance of Second Chance AND Fair Chance Hiring Practices

“Second Chance and Fair Chance hiring practices aren’t just about giving individuals a second shot at life; they’re about building stronger, more inclusive communities and fostering a fairer society.” In the quest for a just and inclusive society, Second Chance and Fair Chance hiring practices have emerged as powerful tools for change…change for justice impacted […]

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