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Episode 4
26:43 Mins

As we continue to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, Isme Chavez’s story underscores the impact of mental health on personal growth for justice-impacted individuals. Chavez, 30, endured abuse and abandonment, leading her to run away, drop out of high school, and become a mother at 15. Incarcerated at 19, she began self-reflection and transformation during […]

Episode 3
34:18 Mins

Explore Larry Miller’s remarkable journey from the streets to the boardroom in our latest podcast. As Chairman of Nike’s Jordan Brand, Larry’s story of resilience and redemption sheds light on the transformative power of education, second chances, and breaking societal stigmas. From his involvement in gang life to his time behind bars, Larry’s determination to […]

Episode 8
39:15 Mins

Warren Allen’s story exemplifies the power of education and resilience. From navigating the challenges of incarceration to spearheading initiatives like The Truth Group, Warren’s dedication to learning transformed lives. The introduction of Orijin tablets not only enhanced access to education but also equipped individuals like Warren with vital tech skills. Now, as a Campaign Associate […]

Episode 8
39:15 Mins

In this inspirational podcast, Saulina Eady shares her transformative journey from incarceration to employment with the help of Orijin. While serving a four-year sentence, Saulina found hope and opportunity through Orijin’s education and skill-building platform. She completed numerous certificate programs, paving the way for an early release and eventual employment. Read related blog post.

Episode 7
39:15 Mins

On this episode of 2nd Chance Podcast, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Arti Finn interviews Entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer, Kimonti Carter, an Educator, Community Activist and Social Strategist.

Episode 6
46:58 Mins

On this episode of 2nd Chance Podcast, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Arti Finn interviews Entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Moon who shares his story of addiction, incarceration and now running a thriving membership organization, The Summit Lounge.

Episode 5
38:04 Mins

On this episode of 2nd Chance Podcast, C. Kenyatta Leal, Executive Director of Next Chapter, an organization that offers justice-impacted 8-month tech career apprenticeships. Kenyatta unpacks his road to incarceration and his release from San Quentin Prison on a life sentence, and the power of a positive mindset; rewards vs consequences.

Episode 4
5:02 Mins

Bite-Sized Updates, Insights and Stories around Corrections Reform with Host and Orijin Co-Founder Arti Finn.

Episode 3
39:29 Mins

On this Episode of 2nd Chance Podcast, featured guest LaToya Newson, Former Administrator of the TN Dept of Labor & Workforce Development speaks about how Tennessee has Reimagined Corrections, The Future of Workforce, Investing in the Justice-Impacted, Connecting through ‘French Toast, and so much more! NOTE: This Episode of 2nd Chance Podcast with LaToya Newson […]

Episode 2
35:49 Mins

On this episode of APDS 2nd Chances Podcast, host Arti Finn speaks with Commissioner Carol Mici of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections about the role of education technology, improving outcomes for justice-impacted individuals and the importance of growth as a person, to keep living within corrections.

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