APDS Announces New Name: Orijin™

The ed-tech company’s new name reinforces the mission of creating pathways to sustainable employment for the justice impacted Media Contact: Lucia Weathers | Lucia@WeathersStrategyGroup.com 317-732-1911 | Official Orijin™ Publicist New York, NY – Monday, Nov. 13, 2023 Today, American Prison Data Systems (APDS), announces a major renaming effort to become Orijin. Like APDS, Orijin’s mission […]

Orijin Full Brochure

We are the ORIGINal Ed Tech company that provides secure tablet computers connected to our robust cloud-based learning and communications platform to solve some of the most consequential challenges correctional facilities face across the U.S. Orijin helps you transform your correctional facility into an outcome-focused educational facility and empowers the justice-impacted to rewrite their life […]

What is Orijin?

Orijin is a revolutionary educational platform designed to prepare justice-impacted individuals for sustainable employment. Through our proprietary “Whole Learner Framework™,” we deliver personalized, standards-aligned, and evidence-based content to facilitate enduring skills and career readiness.

Rodney Brown

Time Incarcerated: 28 Years Location: Multiple Facilities—Ending in Washington DC Jail Orijin Training: Completed 400+ hours of programming on Orijin—Focusing on Enduring Skills and Financial Literacy Career Path: Medical Center Case Manager → Future Small Business Owner “Growing up, I had almost no education and never got any useful training to get me ready for […]

Saulina Eady

Time Incarcerated: 3 Years Location: Multiple Facilities—Ending in Dublin Federal Correctional Institution APDS Courses: Information Technology, Enduring Skills, Financial Literacy and Legal Competency Career Path: County Clerk/Information Technology “I’m from Los Angeles and didn’t have many opportunities early on. Unfortunately, I also struggled with mental health issues. And then I made some poor choices. As […]

2nd Chances in Action: Tennessee + CVS

Pioneering Pathway to Employment Program underway Required: Basic Work Skills & Resume in National Corrections Works. CVS is utilizing Orijin Learning Management System for specialized coursework.

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