Harris Ferrell

As CEO of Orijin, Harris oversees all aspects of the company’s operations. His expertise, leadership, and vision have made him a respected figure in the education industry, and he continues to drive forward his mission of using EdTech to make a difference in the lives of justice-impacted individuals. Harris has a deep understanding of the […]

Arti Finn

A passionate advocate for social justice and education, Arti Finn co-founded Orijin in 2013 with the ambitious goal of creating pathways to living-wage employment for individuals affected by the justice system. Under her visionary leadership, Orijin has revolutionized the edtech landscape within the correctional environment, providing high-quality programming at no cost to justice-impacted individuals or […]

Mott Middleton

As Chief Revenue Officer of Orijin, Mott ensures the successful delivery of evidence based programing to the states and jurisdictions serviced by Orijin. In this role, Mott is instrumental in driving long-term change in recidivism and positive learner outcomes. She is a passionate advocate for free individualized programming for justice-impacted individuals.

Nate Ober

Nate Ober is the Chief Technology and Product Officer at Orijin, where he leads teams responsible for developing innovative content and technology products for justice-impacted learners and driving technology efficiency in the company’s business systems. With 18 years of experience in education technology, Nate has a track record of guiding organizations through growth and transformation. […]

Romicha Cooper

Romicha Cooper is the Human Resource Director for Orijin. She is a seasoned Human Resources Professional in both public and private sectors for nearly 20 years. Her approach to talent management is to lead with trust and transparency. Cooper also authors and publishes various coloring and children’s books. At the root of everything that Cooper […]

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