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How can a facility start using Orijin?

To get started, visit our website and fill out the contact form or call our sales team for an initial consultation.


Is there financial assistance or grants available for implementing Orijin?

While Orijin aims to be cost-effective, we can guide you through available grants and funding options to further offset costs.  


Who bears the cost of using Orijin?

Orijin’s philosophy ensures that incarcerated individuals or their families are never charged for our technology or services.


How does Orijin help facilities to meet state board mandates and court orders?

Orijin can assist in reducing waitlists for mandated programs, thereby helping facilities comply with court orders and state board mandates.


Does Orijin meet legal compliance requirements for educational programs?

Yes, Orijin is designed to comply with legal requirements, including ADA mandates fully, and focuses on equitable access for all users.


How can Orijin relieve the burden on our staff?

Orijin automates the educational delivery process, allowing your staff to focus on other essential duties. This expands the reach of limited staff without adding to overhead or staffing costs.


How does Orijin work with our facility’s existing educational programs?

Orijin can seamlessly integrate into your existing educational strategies, supplementing them with our evidence-based, personalized curriculum.


How easy is it to implement Orijin in our facility?

Implementation is straightforward. Our team will guide you through the on-boarding process, provide the necessary hardware, and offer training to your staff.


What metrics or data are available to measure the impact of Orijin?

Orijin provides quarterly O-Data to inform you of key performance indicators such as skills attainment, reduction in recidivism, and other ROI metrics that matter.  


What are the advantages of using Orijin in a correctional facility?

Orijin can alleviate staff burdens, ensure equitable access and legal compliance, and provide individualized educational plans. It also delivers actionable data and ROI metrics.


What kind of technology does Orijin use?

Orijin employs secure, turn-key tablet computers that are scalable and transferable to different formats, including Chromebooks and laptops.

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What is Orijin?

Orijin is a revolutionary educational platform designed to prepare justice-impacted individuals for sustainable employment. Through our proprietary “Whole Learner Framework™,” we deliver personalized, standards-aligned, and evidence-based content to facilitate enduring skills and career readiness.

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