September 27, 2023

User-Device Pairing

  • User-Device Pairing is a security add-on to limit learner access to the Learner Portal to a single tablet.

  • This feature binds a learner’s account to a specific tablet using cookies during their initial login.

  • Administrators can reset the tablet association through the APDS Admin Portal in case of tablet malfunction.

  • Suitable for 1:1 tablet deployment (1 student: 1 tablet) and sharing models (2 or more students: 1 tablet), it eliminates credential sharing and unauthorized access risks by linking accounts to specific tablets.

Please contact your Strategic Account Manager for details.

Admin Portal Messaging Bug Fixes

  • We have ensured that any line breaks that admins introduce into messages or announcements are retained in the body text upon sending.

  • Read receipts are now visible for announcements sent to Learner Groups.

  • We fixed an issue that prevented admins from deactivating Learner Groups


  • When super-admins create new facilities in the Admin Portal, they will be prompted to specify the Population Type of the facility (adult or juvenile)

    • Going forward, we’ll be able to use this data to determine which content and features should be in the facility’s default configuration.

    • In the immediate, it will be used to ensure that the 2nd Chance Podcast feature is only available to facilities with an adult population.

  • We fixed an issue where the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages linked from the Admin Portal defaulted to displaying in Spanish instead of English.

  • We’ve updated Utah auto-provisioning to reflect changes in their location structures

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