September 14, 2023

Launch of Learner Groups

  • Admins can now create Learner Groups consisting of learners with whom they need to communicate en masse — e.g., all learners in a teacher’s semester-long course, or all learners in a staff member’s case load.

  • Groups can be created from the “Learner Groups” tab of the admin’s Staff Profile.

  • Once created, admins can:

    • add or remove members

    • deactivate the Group if it’s no longer needed

    • send Targeted Announcements to the Group from the Messaging module

    • edit a Group’s name

  • Key details will be conveyed directly to Admin Portal users via Pendo.

Admin Portal Messaging Bug Fixes

  • We resolved two issues with the display of message threads in the Communications tab for auditing purposes:

    • Users will be able to clearly distinguish which messages were sent by the admin or from the learner, respectively.

    • The full history of messages between an admin and a learner should be visible when viewing the message thread

  • When an admin composes a New Announcement, their current selected location will auto-populate in the To: field as the default recipient.

  • In the Announcements tab, location-wide announcements can be distinguished from targeted announcements based on icons signaling the recipient type.

  • If a messaging relationship becomes inactive, the admin will be blocked from attempting to send new messages to that learner.

  • If the learner has hidden a message from view on their tablet, the admin will see a corresponding icon next to that message in the Admin Portal.

  • We ensured that hidden messages will count towards the total number of messages a learner can send to an admin without receiving a response.

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