October 26, 2023

Announcement Auditing

  • The “Communications” tab under “Location and User Management” now allows visibility into the participants, timing, and contents of both message threads AND announcements received by learners at the current selected location.

Messaging Enhancements

  • Admins can now send the same announcement to multiple locations simultaneously!

  • Admins can create new messaging relationships directly from the New Message form and immediately send a message to a brand new contact.

  • Admins will now see a blue alert icon on message threads where the learner is currently blocked from sending additional replies. This will help them identify threads where

  • Line breaks introduced by learners into composed messages will be reflected in sent messages

  • When learners hide a message, the content of the message will be concealed (with ***MESSAGE HIDDEN***) instead of being removed from the thread entirely. This way, it’s clear how those messages contribute to the limit on how many messages the learner can send without receiving a reply from an admin.

Learner Groups Enhancements

  • When creating a Learner Group, each learner’s DOC ID will be displayed with their name, as a means of distinguishing learners with the same first and last name


  • We’ve updated our database to indicate the Population Type (Adult or Juvenile) for all existing locations in our system.

  • We resolved an issue where some admins encountered an error when trying to assign content to learners in select locations.

  • Services that are always available to all learners at a location should no longer appear in the list of options for the “Assign Content” tool.

  • We resolved an issue that impeded suspension of the National Corrections Library service.

  • We corrected for an issue that created duplicates of some of our resource records.

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