October 12, 2023

Admin Portal Messaging Enhancements

  • Admins are now able to delete an announcement they have sent to a Location, Learners, or a Learner Group.

    • After deletion, the announcement will no longer be visible to its recipients in the Learner Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • We addressed an issue in the Learner Portal where the Messaging module did not load if all of the learner’s messages were hidden from view.

  • We ensured that an admin can only send announcements to learners who are currently located in facilities or housing units at which the admin has at least one active role.

    • If an admin sends an announcement to specific learners or a Learner Group, the announcement will not be received by any learners who are no longer active at any of the admin’s current locations.

  • Facility admins are now able to create housing units for their associated facilities.

  • We fixed an issue where admins could not view/edit Location Settings for a housing unit.

  • We resolved an issue where D2L Assignment Submissions records were not attributed to the correct Course Offering.

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