June 25th, 2024

Resume Builder Improvements

We’ve made the following feature improvements to the resume builder. Learners can now:

  1. Customize the display order of resume items according to their preference.
  2. Input their degree into a free text field if they select “other” as their degree option.
  3. Add their degree field of study to their education history (e.g., Sociology, Computer Science, Psychology, etc.).
  4. Leave the “month” field optional in the ‘Work Experience’ and ‘Certificates & Achievements’ sections of the resume builder.

Completion Report Access for Admins

  1. Admins can now view a report of learner’s progress and completion status for Orijin Programs. (To date, this document has been available to learners as a “Transcript”, but its labeling will be updated in the Learner Portal soon.
  2. This document can be found in “Completion Report” tab of a Learner Profile.
  • From that tab, admins can also toggle back to the legacy Progress Report to view an alternative representation of the learner’s activity.
  • Please note that neither the Completion Report nor the Progress Report is a comprehensive account of learner engagement. The most thorough reporting of learner activity currently available can be found within the Orijin Analytical Dashboard.

Admin Bug Fixes & Improvements

  1. When learners are deactivated in our system, we will automatically clear their Biometric Authentication metadata. This will reduce cases where a learner is blocked from registering for Biometric Authentication on a new account because their registration images match an existing user’s metadata.
  • We fixed an issue preventing accurate retrieval of Friends and Family Messaging history for each learner / contact pair.
  • We fixed two issues concerning staff with the “Messaging Only” role:
    • These learners will no longer display in tables with the “Attorney” icon.
    • Messaging Only users can be found via an admin search during relationship creation

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our new look

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