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Turning Off/On Student Access to Connected Corrections

Staff members who have the facility admin role in the Admin Portal have the ability to turn off Connected Corrections for the students.

To turn off Connected Corrections access for the students, the facility admin staff member would follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Admin Portal (https://admin.connectedcorrections.com/)

  2. Click on “Location & User Management” tile

  3. Click on the “Location” drop down menu and select the desired facility name

  4. Click on the “Settings” tab

  5. Click the “Expand” button for “Access”

  6. Toggle “Learner Access” off

  7. Your changes will automatically save

  8. When you need to turn access back on, toggle “Learner Access” on and click “Continue”

If students try to log in to Connected Corrections while access is turned off, they will receive an error that their account in deactivated:

Please watch the following video to see how to turn OFF access to Connected Corrections:

Please watch the following video to see how to turn ON access to Connected Corrections:

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Admin Portal  Staff Account Management
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